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Kolo ( Official Video Release )

Updated: Mar 8

Tx Magic's music video for 'KOLO' visually and intensely expressed the song's theme of heartbreak and disappointment. The video features two beautiful women symbolizing the song's relationship. Throughout the film, we see dramatic lighting and vibrant colors conveying the intensity of emotions expressed in settings ranging from luxurious hotel rooms to deserted beaches. The clothes worn by the

women are also carefully chosen to convey a sense of drama and suspense. In one scene, the two are wearing flowing white dresses symbolizing innocence and innocence.

However, as the video progresses, the women's outfits become darker and more exposed, implying that the relationship has entered a dark period.

The 'KOLO' music video also features Tx magic singing in a variety of environments, from a dark studio to a rooftop with a great urban landscape in the background. His performance is raw and emotional, with all the lyrics written with force and conviction.

The video's use of color is also noteworthy, with bright and bold tones that shift and change as the relationship between the two women becomes increasingly intense.

Vivid colors and intense lighting give the video a dreamy feel, enhancing dramatic sensations and emotions.

Overall, the music video for 'KOLO' is a vivid embodiment of the song's theme, showing the ups and downs of toxic relationships and the damage they can do to those involved. This video, which combines Tx Magic's fantastic visuals and emotional performance, is a must-see for Tx Magic fans and anyone who has experienced the pain of a broken heart.

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